In the far north of the Kempen, where Belgium blends seamlessly into the Netherlands, you’ll find Hoogstraten. The city invites you for a fascinating visit: from breathtaking nature, to high-quality heritage and mouth-watering gastronomy. There’s lots to discover. Welcome to Hoogstraten!

Summer vibes in Hoogstraten!

Summer vibes in Hoogstraten!

Are you ready for a wonderful, well-deserved summer? Can’t wait to relax and enjoy those lovely summer evenings?  Then you’d better come to Hoogstraten. We are ready to welcome you and your company with open arms. Hoogstraten offers you a variety of surprising activities.

This summer will be one to remember!


Culture & Heritage

Hoogstraten has a rich past, reflected in centuries-old...


Looking for some adventure? Do you like to...


Whatever exceptional natural area of Hoogstraten you dive...

The DNA of Hoogstraten

Looking for adventure, culture, tranquillity, nature or ground-breaking gastronomy? Hoogstraten has it all! One thing is certain: the typical DNA that characterizes Hoogstraten will always prevail. This DNA stands first and foremost for authenticity, loads of enthusiasm, a touch of whimsy, a dash of passion and above all a lot of good charm.

Hoogstraten has an unique appeal that you will remember forever. Come and experience it for yourself!

Plan your visit

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Food & Drinks

Hoogstraten is known for its culinary craftmanship. Top...

5 cool ways to stay in Hoogstraten

To fully enjoy the assets of Hoogstraten, it’s...

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