Whatever exceptional natural area of Hoogstraten you dive into, you hop across the border unnoticed. Nature is breathtaking on both sides, the silence is calming and the views are endless.

Grazing sheep, timid deer and praying hawks accompany you on your path. Rippling water, cooling forests and vast fields alternate in an authentic setting. You walk from one surprise to another, no matter whick area you choose. Cross Wortel-Kolonie or discover Den Elsakker, the Chaamse Beek and the Strijbeekse Heide. Or choose the valley of Het Merkske. This meandering tributary of the Mark doesn't care about national borders. Den Rooy & Smisselbergen, relatively young hiking areas, also reveal their beauty.

Feast your eyes. Let nature guide you. And take your time. Time to enjoy the scenery, the peace and quiet and each other. Idyllic locations await you.

Wandeltweedaagse Land van Mark & Merkske Philippe Wuyts


Several fascinating walks and an extensive hiking network awaits you in Hoogstraten.

A brisk walk in nature armed with boots, umbrella and binoculars? Or rather a short but vigorous hike with the whole family? And what about an inspiring city walk along centuries-old heritage? Everything is possible so put on your hiking boots, go out and afterwords enjoy a pint of local beer or a comforting cup of coffee.

Contact VisitHoogstraten for the itinerary of the various walks and routes. You can also download them on our website, but the background information is only available in Dutch.


Cycling in and around Hoogstraten is wonderful. Wherever it is possible, cycling routes wind through nature amid fields and meadows, along the banks of the river Mark or through the vast, shaded forests of Wortel-Kolonie.

Hoogstraten has something for everyone: short, powerful loops, an extensive cycling network, mountainbike and road bike routes for the sporty cyclist, a multi-day cycling package and a long-distance cycling route for the adventurous.

Fietsen in het Land van Mark & merkske

The Strawberry Route has been around since 1977 and is one of the first themed routes developed in the Province of Antwerp. The route crosses the entire territory of Hoogstraten and takes you via the bike path along the river Mark to the border with the Netherlands.